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Park rules

Park Opening Hours: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
The entrance to the facilities is subject to capacity (1,200 PAX)
It is not allowed to enter with food or drinks
Maximum weight to use the slides: 110 KG
Minimum height to use the slides: 120 CM (except for the Waterplay children's area)

Cara sonriente

Smoking is not allowed throughout the park.

It is forbidden to use the slides wearing glasses, pendants, bracelets, watches, chains, large earrings or any item that may pose a risk to the safety of the user or may damage the structure of the attractions themselves.

For security reasons, there are height and physical condition restrictions for access to attractions. Check at the entrance of each attraction.

AQUAFUN reserves the right to close any aquatic attraction at any time for safety or hygiene reasons.

For hygiene and safety reasons, the user has to wear only a bathing suit for the use of the attractions.

AQUAFUN reserves the right to deny entry or expel from the premises to those people who are in a state of intoxication or any circumstance by which it is reasonably inferred that they may disturb the order.

AQUAFUN reserves the right to expel users who disobey the orders of the lifeguards or any other personnel of the water park, which refers to the use of the facilities in safe conditions.

Eating or drinking is prohibited in the water activity areas.

AQUAFUN is not responsible for the loss or damage that visitors' personal belongings may suffer. We have a box office service.

AQUAFUN has the right to modify prices, discounts, dates and opening hours at any time.

Pets will not be allowed in the park (with the exception of guide dogs).

Minors must be supervised, at all times, by the persons responsible for their custody.

To use the facilities, the user must be in perfect physical and mental condition. People with back problems, heart problems, dizziness and pregnant women cannot use all the attractions.

Nor can those who suffer from diseases that can spread in contact with water make use of the aquatic facilities.

The loungers and hammocks can only be used in the appropriate places for their use, being forbidden their transfer to other areas.

It is not allowed to use musical equipment, or to play with objects that can be thrown that could annoy another user.

Entrance tickets, passes and promotional coupons are personal and non-transferable.

Once inside the enclosure, you will only be allowed to leave and re-enter within 1 hour. In the case of exceeding that limit, if you want to re-enter you will have to buy another ticket at the ticket office.

The park price rate is regulated by height and not by age, since the use of the facilities is also regulated by it.

The amount of the ticket will not be reimbursed for weather reasons, power cuts or any other reason beyond the company.

The park management, which reserves the right of admission, may also, if the conduct of one or more users is not correct, proceed to expel them from the enclosure. In this case, the user will not have the right to any refund.

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